Club Belrose Golf members are encouraged to avoid slow play where possible and strive to keep up with the group in front.

Here are some tips on how to improve your pace of play:

  • Reduce the number of practice swings - If you need a practice swing limit it to 1 or 2 swings 
  • Park your pull buggy or cart to one side of your ball, not behind it - We walk far enough in a game without adding extra unnecessary metres
  • 3 minutes is the allocated time to look for a ‘lost ball’ - Our courses are mostly local - if you feel so attached to a ball come back and look for it later
  • Don’t mark your card at the green; proceed to the next tee and mark it while others are teeing off - I will hit up on anyone marking their card at the green
  • Place your pull buggy or cart to the side or back of the green - closest to the next tee off - I will hit up on anyone walking across the green to retrieve their clubs
  • Play ‘Ready Golf” if you are in position; play your shot if it doesn’t interfere with other players - If it is safe to hit, then hit 
  • Ready golf includes the Green. On the green, be ready to putt and putt out where possible - Waiting time on greens should be minimal
  • After your put take the flag and allow the previous putter to exit the green to his clubs - A rotation or allocation of roles makes for quick play
  • If you fall behind, the first two to putt out should immediately proceed to the next tee and proceed with the tee off - Mark your card when the others arrive at the tee
  • Remember, When you arrive at the par 3 tee offs and you can't see anyone on the green, your group is playing too slow - Speed up for a bit
  • It’s a good idea and a courtesy to watch your fellow player’s tee shots so you have a better idea of where the ball has finished - Acknowledging the direction and final ball location each time is helpful ie. It has gone down the left edge of the fairway about 170 m - short of the creek.
  • When using a cart, be prepared to leave the cart in a convenient location and walk to your ball when you and your cart partner are on opposite sides of the fairway - Driving a cart to each players individual ball location for each and every shot does not save playing time.

Thank you

Club Belrose Committee