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Kooindah Waters 2 Ball Ambrose 2023

It was an early start with 20 of us departing Belrose at around 5.45 for a nice hour long run up the freeway and a brief stop at the Golden Arches before we arrived at the resort  with carts and the course ready for our onslaught. 

The event was declared a 2 Ball Ambrose pick partners, although pairs were essentially selected by Dan based on his knowledge of our pairing preferences.

10 pairs were promptly assigned their carts and off we went to the 10th tee to tackle this magnificent Resort Course.

The water courses were lacking some water which allowed the odd errant shot to be chipped out of the somewhat dry water course and back into play.

In theory making the course a little easier than normal. Although our scoring results would indicate otherwise.

The weather was fantastic and the slight breeze kept the players fresh but it was not as refreshing as spotting the drinks cart mid way through the 2nd 9.

The winners on the day were:

Dan Page & Brendan Ayres with 80 off the stick and a Net result of 66.5

2nd was Alex Greig & Nick Biniares with 68

and 3rd was Steve Joyce and Ryan Wrigley with 68.5

Nearest the pins:

  • 2nd Dan Page
  • 12th Les Andrews
  • Jackpot 12 balls was not Won

After the game we congregated on the upper deck and watched those yet to hit across the water.

Next game is Asquith Golf Club on the 12th Nov.

It is the final round of the club championship and will pretty much determine the overall points winner as well, or will make for an interesting final round at Wakehurst on the 26th Nov.

Don’t forget that the Christmas 2 Ball Ambrose event is on the 10th Dec – again with pick partners and then followed by our traditional Prawns, lunch, drinks & AGM back at the club. More info on this will be sent out in due course.