Club Belrose Golf

Where Golf is the Winner


Club Belrose Golf members must hold a Golflink handicap to play

New members with an existing Golflink handicap will use that handicap

To obtain a Golf Australia handicap a player’s latest 20 games played will be used to take the average result of the best 8 games.

This result is adjusted by a Multiplier of 0.93% and since the 30th Jan 2020 is done in the Daily Handicap calculations. See further on.

New members will be required to play 3 games to obtain a handicap. Players having played 3 to 20 rounds will be handicapped in accordance with the following rules;

Table Header
3 to 6 rounds
lowest 1
7 or 8 rounds
lowest 2
9 or 10 rounds
lowest 3
11 or 12 rounds
lowest 4
13 or 14 rounds
lowest 5
15 or 16 rounds
lowest 6
17 or 18 rounds
lowest 7
19 or 20 rounds
lowest 8

Hard Cap prevents a player’s handicap from increasing any more than 5 strokes beyond their best exact handicap from the previous 12-month rolling period. The Hard Cap only takes effect after 20 rounds have been played.

From the 30th January 2020

Bonus Reduction for Exceptional Net Score GOLF Link will apply an automated extra reduction to your GA Handicap for any net score that is at least 7 strokes better than it (go to your handicap record on and compare your ‘Score Differential’ for the round with what your GA Handicap was before that round was played).

Soft Cap

In addition to the existing Hard Cap of 5 strokes, a Soft Cap is being introduced. The Soft Cap will take effect if your GA Handicap increases to 3 strokes above its best point for the previous 12 months. Once in the Soft Cap zone, your GA Handicap will only be allowed to increase by 50% of the calculated amount.

Transfer of 0.93 Multiplier

The 0.93 Multiplier will be transferred out of the GA Handicap calculation and into the Daily Handicap calculation. Our statisticians confirm this change will have no overall impact on the handicaps players actually play off (i.e. Daily Handicaps). This is because the slight increase it will cause to GA Handicaps (by being removed from the GA Handicap formula), will be exactly the same as the decrease it will cause to Daily Handicaps (by being transferred into the Daily Handicap formula). As a result, there will be no overall impact.