Club Belrose Golf

Where Golf is the Winner



A Sub Club of Belrose Bowling Club Limited. [Club Belrose]
1st May 2016

The Club shall be known as Club Belrose Golf (hereinafter called “the Club”)


(a)   to play and promote the game of golf.

(b)   to engender by association a friendly feeling amongst players and to preserve and promote the best traditions of the game.

(c)   to conform at all times with the requirements of the laws & rules of the game, as adopted from time to time by the relevant controlling bodies and with the Constitution of the Belrose Bowling Club Limited [Club Belrose] (hereinafter called the “Registered Club”);


(a)   Only members of the Registered Club shall be eligible to make application to become members of the Club. This shall be accepted on payment of the prescribed fee or subscriptions of the Club.

(b)   A person ceases to be a member of the Club if that person;

  1. ceases to be a financial member of the Registered Club or fails to pay the prescribed fee or subscriptions of the Club.
  2. in the opinion of Management Committee, be guilty of any conduct prejudicial to the interests of the Club or be guilty of any conduct which shall render that member unfit for membership.  Such details will be referred to the Registered Club for action under the Constitution of the Belrose Bowling Club Limited [Club Belrose].

3. FEES:

The Management Committee shall recommend to the Board of Directors of the Registered Club the fees and subscriptions (if any) which shall be in addition to any monies payable to the Registered Club. The Management Committee shall set the fees, subscriptions and costs for all activities of the Club.


The financial year of the Club shall commence on the first day of July in each year and end on the last day of June in the next year.


The management and administration of the Club shall vest in the Management Committee which shall consist of the Office Bearers as set out below:

(a)   Secretary (1)

(b)   President (1)

(c)   Treasurer (1)

(d)   Captain    (1)


The election of Office Bearers and General Committee at the AGM shall be conducted in the following manner:

(a)   The Office Bearers and General Committee shall retire from office and may offer themselves for re-election.

(b)   Only financial Members of the Registered Club shall be entitled to nominate or second a candidate or stand for office or General Committee

(c)   The Management Committee shall appoint a Returning Officer to take charge of the Ballot for the election. The Returning Officer shall

  1. supervise the issue of Ballot papers if necessary,
  2. supervise the counting of votes,
  3. report the results to the meeting,
  4. confirm the appointment of Office Bearers and General Committee.

(d)   Procedures shall be in accordance with the By Laws and the Constitution of the Registered Club.


(a)   The Annual General Meeting shall be held no later than 31st December of each Calendar year, on the last golf day of the year where possible, and financial members are to be advised at least 21 days prior to that meeting.

(b)   The Annual General Meeting and any other General Meetings and the meetings of the Management Committee shall be convened and held in accordance with the Constitution of the Registered Club relating to Annual General Meetings/ General Meetings and proceedings at General Meetings of the Board respectively.

(c)   Reference to “Board” shall be read as reference to “Management Committee”

(d)   Reference to “Chairman” shall be read as reference to “President”

(e)   Reference to “Directors” shall be read as reference to “Office Bearers”

(f)    The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be as follows:

  1.         To confirm the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting.
  2.         To receive and consider reports from the Management Committee.

iii.        To receive and consider a summary of the annual accounts Y.T.D.

  1.         To elect Management Committee and General Committee to hold office in accordance with this Constitution.
  2.         To deal with any business of which due notice has been given.

(g)   General Meeting, other than the Annual General Meeting, may be called on any date by the President or shall be called by the Secretary, upon receipt of a requisition (which need not be in one document) and signed by not less than 10% of the total number of Members, that have played at least once as a full member, in the prior 12 months, stating the business to be considered. No member shall be entitled to attend or vote at a  General Meeting or Annual General Meeting of the Club unless that member shall have paid all or any entrance fees and annual subscriptions and all other moneys due to the Registered Club or the Club at the time of such meeting.

(h)   General Meetings should where suitable be held on golf days following the game for the convenience of members.

(i)     General Meetings shall be held within 28 days of the requisition being received.

(j)     The quorum for Management Committee meeting is three (3).

(k)   Quorum for the Annual General Meeting shall be not less than (15) members.

(l)     The quorum for a General Meeting shall be not less than (15) members.


(a)   The Management Committee may at any time appoint a member to fill a casual vacancy in respect of the Management Committee or General Committee, or to fill a vacant position arising from insufficient nominations being received to fill that position and the members so appointed shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting.


(a)   Shall generally perform and carry out all the duties pertaining to the office of the Secretary for the benefit of the Club and wellbeing of its members.

(b)   Organise the Committee Meetings, AGM & any General Meetings, taking the minutes.

(c)   Organise at least 4 formal Committee Meetings per calendar year to be held at approximately 3 monthly intervals. The Agenda to include at an appropriate time the establishment of budgets and operating policies, a review of operations and finances, financial year accounts, Annual General Meeting matters. 

(d)   Deal with all correspondence and submit such reports as may be required.

(e)   Organise the membership register in conjunction with the ‘Registered Club’ office staff.

(f)    Maintain all records including historic in soft and/or hard copy providing a full back-up to another Management Committee member at the end of each calendar year.


(a)   Manage the financial affairs of the Club arrangements including collecting all fees and paying accounts.

(b)   Maintain proper books of accounts and submit detailed statements to the Management Committee and Annual General Meeting as required.

(c)   Supply such information, details and statements as may be required from time to time by the Registered Club,


The Management Committee shall have the power to appoint sub-committees to deal with specific matters.


In the absence of the President the meeting will be presided over, in order by Secretary or Treasurer.

The Chairman of the meeting shall in the case of an equality of votes have a casting vote in addition to his deliberate vote.

13. FUNDS:

(a)   The funds of the Club are at all times regarded as the property of the Registered Club.

(b)   The Club may open an account with a Bank or Building Society.

(c)   Account withdrawals are to be approved by any two of the President, Secretary or Treasurer of the Club.

(d)   The books and records of the Club may be requested to be audited by a qualified registered external auditor at any time or prior to the Annual General Meeting of the Registered Club.

(e)   A summary of the current financial position adjusted to the time of the AGM of the Club is to be presented at the Annual General Meeting of the Club.

(f)    The income and property of the Club howsoever derived shall be applied solely towards the objectives and promotion of the Club and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly to members of the Club. Providing that nothing herein shall prevent the reimbursement of out of pocket expenses to any member of the Club for costs incurred as a result of a direction from the Club.

14. BY LAWS:

The Management Committee shall have the power to make, alter or repeal By Laws including By Laws relating to Conditions of Play as are necessary to manage the affairs of the Club.


(a)   No alterations shall be made to this Constitution except by resolution passed by three quarters of the members of the Club for the time being entitled to vote as may be present at the Annual General Meeting or General Meeting convened specifically for such purpose.

(b)   If any item in the Constitution requires clarity or is not listed then the Registered Club’s Constitution is to be consulted.

(c)   Notice of alteration to the constitution [at the AGM] is to be lodged with the secretary giving due notice to enable timely dissemination and consideration unless overruled by the Management Committee.  See Constitution Item 7 (f) v.

16. DRESS:

The manner of dress for play and the Registered Club shall comply with the requirements of the game or relevant club.