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BY-LAWS - 8 Feb 20224

Club Belrose Golf By Laws

8th Feb 2024

The spirit and image of a Golf Club is projected by the way fellow members show respect, courtesy and consideration for one another.

This courtesy and consideration should extend to the choice of dress and the standard of conduct on and off the course.

The standard of our Golf Club will be judged by the etiquette of its members.

It is the duty of every member to preserve the reputation of the club by:

1. Maintaining the spirit of good fellowship between them and other members.

2.Extend the hand of welcome to all visitors.

The club will play by the

As approved by The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews

And the United States Golf Association.

“Local Golf Course Rules” will apply.

In these By Laws the expression “the Club” means Club Belrose Golf a sub-club of Belrose Bowling Club Limited [Club Belrose] under their By-Law item 23.  The expression “the Registered Club” means Belrose Bowling Club Limited [Club Belrose]. 

The Management Committee may alter or repeal a By Law under Item 14 of the Constitution as it may deem necessary or expedient for the proper conduct or management of the Club.

These By Laws are to be read in subject to the Constitution of the club and in the event of any inconsistency the Constitution shall prevail.

If there are further issues or omissions then reference is to be made to the By Laws of Belrose Bowling Club Ltd [Club Belrose] to try and resolve the issue.

1.  Membership

  1. a)Refer to item 2.of the constitution.
  2. b)   Members playing competition must have a Golflink handicap.
  3. c)   Provisional players are those who do not hold a Golflink Handicap and/or are not members of the registered club [see a) above.
  4. d)   Provisional players are ineligible to play in the club competitions with the exception of ‘nearest the pin’ and ‘jackpot hole’.

2. Life Membership

  1. a)“Life Membership” means any member who has been a member of the Club continuously for 20 years and also a committee member for 15 continuous years and also performed meritorious service to the Club, is elected at any General Meeting or AGM by at least three-fourths of the members who being present and entitled to vote, as a Life Member of the Club, provided that such nomination is made in writing by two (2) members or Life Members of the Club and notice thereof has been given with the notice convening the meeting and provided further that the Management Committee has approved such nomination.
  2. b)The Life Members annual fees, equivalent to Social Membership to The Registered Club, and the Club will be paid by the Club.

3. Financial Year

The financial year of the Club shall commence on the first day of July in each year and end on the last day of June the following year.

4. Annual General Meeting (AGM)

There will be an AGM each year, which will be held following the last Golf Game in December.

At the AGM members will;

  1. a)Elect the Management Committee and General Committee to organise the ensuing year’s events.
  2. b)Deal with all matters raised at the AGM.
  3. c)Be entitled to one vote and cannot vote by proxy.

5. Management Committee and General Committee

The Management Committee will comprise of Officers Bearers as listed in item 5 of the Constitution.

Plus General Committee that may consist of the following;

  1. a)Handicapper                (1)
  2. b)Course Coordinator       (1)
  3. c)Web site manager        (1)
  4. d)General Committee in sufficient numbers to fulfil the Club’s function.

6. Duties of the Management and General Committees.


  1. a)To oversee the operations of the Club and ensure everything is organised in a proper manner.
  2. b)Chair the committee meetings and the AGM and at the AGM present a report on the years activities.
  3. c)Provide a report at the end of the financial year including all trophy winners to the Registered Club for their annual report.


  1. a)As per those duties listed in item 9 ‘Duties of the Secretary’ in the Constitution, plus
  2. b)There are no further additional duties.


  1. a)As per those duties listed in item 10 ‘Duties of the Treasurer’ in the Constitution, plus


  1. a)Organise the event of the day.
  2. b)Adjudicate on any ruling under dispute and apply penalties for breach of the rules.
  3. c)Record all competition results.
  4. d)Follow up and assist the course coordinator when required
  5. e)Allocate the events for each game appointing a Starter as required.


  1. a)To record scores and calculate any adjustments to handicaps in accordance with By Law item 7.
  2. b)To post the results on the Web Site.
  3. c)To calculate the Daily Handicaps for the next game.
  4. d)Deal with any handicapping issues.

General Committee

To assist the Management Committee wherever possible.

Course coordinator

  1. Arrange the year calendar as soon as possible starting at least 18 months in advance
  2. Confirm all booking and terms of conditions and keep email record of booking confirmations
  3. Coordinate with the treasurer for any payment of applicable booking fees
  4. Aid the Captain when required.

7. Handicapping

All competition players will use their Golf Australia Golflink handicap.

To be eligible to apply for a Golflink handicaps 3 eligible stroke rounds will be required.  May be played outside the Club games with a member only with the approval of the Handicapper.

Provisional members not having a Golflink handicap and having played 3 stroke rounds are required to hold a minimum of a social membership of Club Belrose Ltd.  They are to be encouraged to obtain a Golflink handicap via any source.

Where grades are applied to a competition the handicapper will determine the grade split before start of play.

New members with a Golf Australia handicap will play under that handicap.

8. Events

Club Championship 

The Club Championship shall be played by the top 24 players plus ties of the points score table at the start of the 1st playoff.

The playoffs consist of 3 Individual Stableford rounds

  • 1st Round top 24 players plus ties
  • 2nd Round top 12 Players plus ties
  • Final Round top 6 Players plus ties & the winners of Round 1 & 2 if not already eligible

The Club Championship Points are recorded as the player’s points at the start of the 1st playoff and then with the accumulation of additional points based on the results for each play off.

Club Championship Points

Table Header

Count back for each round applies if more than one player is on the same point score.

The Club Championship winner is the player or players with the most accumulated points at the completion of the 3rd playoff.

Point score

1. Played over the year.

2. Grades are not applied.

3. The leading 15 players of each game receive performance points from 16 to 2 in descending order. First place receives 16 points down to 2 point for the fifteenth position. All other legitimate players for a match receive 1 point.

4. Performance points will only be awarded on an individual Stableford performance, irrespective of the competition on the day.

Captain’s Trophy

1. Best 3 Stableford results at a nominated course, throughout the year.

2. Grades will not be applied.

Silver Medal

1. Awarded to the best individual Stableford result of the day,

2. Held at every Stableford game from the first game after the Gold Medal play-off to the last Stableford event held before the next Gold Medal play off.

3. In the event of a tie, normal count back rules apply.

Gold Medal Play-Off

1. Contested by all Silver Medal winners during a calendar year.

2. To be played on the 3rdor 2nd last Stableford event of the year.

3. The Play Off date may be altered by the Management Committee, if the game on the nominated date cannot be played.

4. completed and/or no result for the Golf Medal play off has been obtained, or for any other reasonable reason.

5. In the event of a tie, normal count back rules apply.

Memorial Shield

1. Played each year in memory of those members no longer with us.

2. It is a four ball Ambrose draw partner’s event.

Bodega Cup

1. An annual day trip away.

2. The event is a 2BBB – Draw for partners.

Travellers Cup

1. Played outside Sydney as a weekend away.

2. No competition Point Scores will be allocated.

3. Winner determined by best score accumulated over 2 days

4. In the case of inclement weather the winner will be determined by the attending committee members

Christmas day

1. A special event organised for early December to celebrate the competitions contested over the year, play golf, present trophies to competition winners, hold the AGM, all which is preceded by a lunch.

2. Only members who have played three games during the year are entitled to receive the allocated cost reduction for the Christmas luncheon. The overall cost of the lunch is determined by the Management Committee based on the number of confirmed attendees and fundraising efforts throughout the year.

Nearest the Pin

1. Played on two nominated par 3 holes during each event, except special events.

2. Awarded to the player whose ball finishes on the green from the tee shot, is nearest to the flag measuring from the closest edge of the hole to the closest edge of the golf ball.

3. The winner is obliged to share the four balls with their foursome on the day.

Jackpot Hole

1. Played on one nominated par 3 hole during each event, except special events.

2. Eight (8) balls will be added to the start of a new Jackpot.

3. Where no player successfully finishes on the green within a flag length from the hole, a further four (4) balls will be added to the Jackpot total for each event until won.

4. Is awarded to the player whose ball finishes on the green from the tee shot.

5. Is within a flag stick length from the closest edge of the hole to the closest edge of the golf ball.

6. Is the player whose ball is the closest to the hole.

7. The winner is obliged to share the balls won with their foursome on the day

Count back

If two or more players tie in a particular event, count back provisions apply, i.e.

1. The back nine (as per card)

2. The last six holes (as per card)

3.The last three holes (as per card)

4. Then hole by hole starting at 18 then to 17 etc.



Ambrose handicap

1. 2 ball – 1/4 of aggregate handicap

2. 3 ball – 1/6 of aggregate handicap

3. 4 ball – 1/8 of aggregate handicap


On every hole, each member of the team may hit a tee shot. The team then selects one of the tee shots from which to play. All members of the team may then hit from that position. This procedure is then repeated until the ball is holed.


Each team member’s tee shot must be used at least three (3) times per eighteen hole round. The scorer must record whose tee shot was used on each hole. If this is not clearly marked on the card, the team is subject to disqualification.


The position of the selected shot is marked. Each team member may then place their ball within one (1) club length of the marked position, no nearer the hole and play from this position.

If the selected shot is on the fairway, the fringe of the green or in a hazard, bunker or rough (intermediate or regular) the ball must be placed within one (1) club length of the selected shot, no nearer the hole and must remain on the fairway, the fringe of the green or in the hazard, bunker or rough.

In a sand bunker, the sand may be raked prior to any ball being placed.


No player is permitted to take up “forward” positions on a hole to provide advice or assistance to team members.


The position of the selected putt is marked. The other team members only may then place their ball within one (1) putter head length of the marked position, no nearer the hole, and putt from this position. This procedure is then repeated until the ball is holed.

The first putt to be holed completes that hole for the team. No further putts can be taken in an attempt to improve the score.


Team members may stand behind one another while hitting a shot or putting.


When playing a two (2) ball match each player must record a minimum of 6 drives.

When playing a three (3) ball in a two (2) ball match each player must record a minimum of five drives.

When playing a three (3) ball in a four (4) ball match one (1) player has an extra putt per green

Reference; P.G.A. Australia web site ( Holden Scramble rules section 7 page 52


a)All cards must be marked and signed. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

b)When contesting a best ball event, the number of strokes must be recorded against the player who scores.

c)All cards must be marked in a fashion so the committee can check scores against a player in the clubhouse (if in doubt, record both scores).

d)Where a player’s card is marked incorrectly

e)The marked score will be used if it is lower that the correct score,

f)The marked score will be corrected if it is higher than correct score.


In order to maintain an acceptable pace of play when new members are required to play stroke to obtain a handicap the following will apply

a)If a player is four strokes more than the nominated par they may cease playing the hole and have this number recorded on the card.

b)Stroke players are eligible to win the nearest the pin and jackpot holes.


1. Bookings for the next game can be done via multiple media options

2. Web – directly into the event calendar through your member login

3. Email – email stating the event you wish to be registered for

4. Text – Send a text to the Captain stating the event you wish to be registered for

5. Sheet – Include your name on the sheet handed around at the club after the event presentation. The sheet is only available during the lunch period and all names will be added to the event calendar by one of the committee

6. Last game players have first option to book for the next game. Player allocation is then based on registration order, including the reserves.

7. If a member wishes to withdraw from a game they can do so online or contact one of the Committee who will arrange cancellation. If cancelling after 7pm the Thursday before a game the member MUST contact the captain to advise him.

8. Committee members contact details are on the web site.

9. Members cancelling on the day or failing to turn up may be required to pay a proportion of their green fees in the event that the club has incurred costs on the member’s behalf. The imposing of this charge is at the discretion of the committee and the circumstances in question.


The fixture sheet distributed to member’s shows hit off times for each game. All players should be in attendance at least 15 minutes prior to the first hit off so that playing groups are organised in an orderly fashion and the treasurer / starter has time to attend to their requirements prior to preparing for their game.


Raking and knee-high drop within sand bunkers when ball is found to be in footmark or divot of an unraked bunker. No penalty. Does not include plugged shots.

Divot on declared fairway to be treated a G.U.R. with a 1 club length, no closer to the hole knee high drop. No penalty. Diverts to be repaired after shot taken.