Minutes form 2023 AGM


Club Belrose Golf)
Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Club Belrose Golf will be held on SUNDAY 10th December 2022 in the Auditorium of Club Belrose

In accordance with the Constitution of Club Belrose Golf and Club Belrose elections for the Board of Management will take place for the positions of President, Captain, Treasurer, Secretary and general committee.

The election will take place on the day of the Annual General Meeting in accordance with the Club’s By-laws.

(a) Matt Brown retires and, being eligible, offers himself for re-election to the position of President.
(b) Daniel Page retires and, being eligible, offers himself for re-election to the position of Secretary.
(c) Alex Greig retires and, being eligible, offers himself for re-election to the position of Treasurer.
(d) Paul Stracey retires and, being eligible, offers himself for re-election to the position of Captain.
(e) Carl Walker offers his services as Handicapper for 2024.
(f) Martin Alberts offers his services as Vice Captain for 2024
(g) Michael Gullick offers his services of Web Master for 2024
(h) Brendan Ayres offers his services as Course Coordinator for 2024

Returning Officer: Steve Joyce

No Member shall be entitled to attend or vote at any General Meeting of the Club unless that Member is a financial member of the registered Club at the time of such meeting.


  • Attendance
  • Apologies
  • Presidents Report
  • Secretary’s Report
  • Treasurers Report
  • Captains Report
  • General Committee Reports
  • Other Business
  • Election of office bearers for 2023


Presidents Report

After 2 years of Covid restrictions the start of 2022 we all hoped for a full calendar of golf, unfortunately the weather gods had other ideas and due to courses being closed our golfing calendar was more disrupted this year than due to Covid last year. This once again caused some competitions being cancelled and the Captains Trophy being altered. We also had to change some courses due to closures and Golf Club restrictions, a big thank you to Wakehurst Golf Club who accommodated us at late notice for some games as well as giving us extra rounds where other clubs cancelled us

This year finally saw the introduction of the new format for the Club Championship (Similar to the FedEx Cup) played over 3 Stapleford rounds at Wakehurst. Extra points were awarded to the top place getters. The 1st round was played by the top 24 on the Point Score, the 2nd round was played by top 12 and the Final round played out between the top 6 golfers.

During Covid golf has thrived and most courses now have waiting list to join, because of this all courses have raised their green fees, this now has an impact on our revenue as we now just break even on some courses. The Wednesday night raffle has offset this, and I would like to thank all members that have come up and helped throughout the year. The roster system will be in place again next year and it would be much appreciated if everyone could make the effort to sell the raffle when they are rostered on. Please check the web site to see when you are rostered on

Late this year also saw the increase of prize money double, thanks to John Cormio and Club Belrose,

  • 1st place is now $60
  • 2nd place is now $40
  • 3rd place is now $20

This is all points on your club card

A special Thanks to Dan Page for his great work on promoting our Club on the screens throughout Club Belrose as well as thanking the rest of my fellow Committee members for all the unseen work, they do in keeping this club running smoothly

This year Rob Langer is hanging up the keyboard, I would like to thank Rob for all the IT work he has done for the club for over a decade, Thanks mate.

I would like to welcome Michael Gullick for taking on the IT role

Finally Thank You to YOU the members that make this the great club it is.

Matt Brown


Club Belrose Golf

Secretary's Report

As everyone is aware this year was once again heavily disrupted.

Not by COVID but by significant amounts of rain which once again has resulted in less than 3/4 of the normal rounds being played.

Regardless of these issues 57 of our members managed to play at least one game with the club.

Again, our relationship with some golf clubs was further tested this year with last minute cancellations and changes to schedules.

Overall, the professionalism and organisation of our club has shone through which has been regularly commented on by most golf courses.

The club has once again shown a good level of growth and development with at least a dozen new members joining throughout the year.

I commend the new and existing members that contributed to the running of the club and for donating their personal time for the selling of raffle tickets on a Wednesday evening. This spreading of the love is very much appreciated and does help to keep the club in a great long term financial position.

In 2023 I once again look forward to improving the golf club and I look forward to having a beer and game or two with my fellow golfing members.

Dan Page


Club Belrose Golf

Treasurers Report

Current position- Cheque acc., Cash
Golf Balls
Golf Shirts
Total Assets
Player Award redemptions outstanding
Total Liabilities
Net Assets


Expected Xmas spend $7,500 which includes our function today all prizes and trophies including provision for the charity raffle prizes as they are redeemed throughout the coming months.

Expect a balance of between $7,000 – $7,500 in our account come early January after all function costs have been paid.

Gets us off to a great start with a strong float to pay for our golf days whilst enjoying the benefits of contactless payments.

Keep this up and my third Ferrari should be paid off around July/August.

Game fees for next year to remain @ $75 per game unless otherwise notified

The Wednesday night raffles have been most beneficial to our club providing a steady source of income and putting us back into a solid financial position after the tumultuous ride through covid where we basically had no income.

Thanks to all members who made the effort to be at the club when rostered to help your committee achieve this year’s result.

I particularly would like to thank Matt, Dan & Paul for their efforts to supervise the Wednesday raffles, these guys have given up a lot of time and effort to ensure our club remains the great place it is to be among friends and also play a little golf.

Please remember that it is our raffle income that provides all the Add-ons that you enjoy whilst helping to keep a lid on game day fees.

So that’s it for 2022, merry Xmas a happy new year to you all

Alex Greig


11 December 2022

Captains Report

In 2022 we saw some challenges, more so with weather than Covid this year.

We had a lot of new members join us, but our playing numbers have generally been down on most game days this year compared to previous years. Completely understandable given that it is not very enjoyable trudging through slush.

Due to the increase of new members across most courses, we now have to confirm our numbers to most courses by Tuesday afternoon.

If you are thinking of playing please register early.

If anyone is having trouble registering for a game please ask the committee for help.

Please be thoughtful of other players and the costs related to the club for late cancellations.

Thank you to the hard working committee and all the players that volunteered their time to sell raffle tickets this year which helps to provide this great spread of food that see today.

Thank you to the club and the restaurant for their continued support of the golf club.

Happy and safe Christmas and New Year

Paul Stracey


Handicapper Report

2022 was a rain affected year and on a personal note I’ve not been able to make as many games due to health issues. This means I have not got to know our new members as well this year. Please feel free to approach me if you have any questions at all relating to handicapping. Even though 2022 was badly affected by rain we have still welcomed new members to our social golf club.

Commencing from the first round of 2023 our max handicap for Stableford will increase from 36 to 45. Max handicaps around the world increased a couple of years ago and we are making the move to catch up. This will serve as an encouragement to our new golfers who have handicaps above 36 who have had to play to a lower handicap than they should. Also a test for members who have been around for a while when marking cards!

We continue to encourage our non-golf club members to save money and join Golf NSW for handicapping. The number of golfers we currently have affiliated to Golf NSW is 19. The associated costs with Golf NSW are cheaper than Social Golf Australia (SGA) and all handicapping records can be transferred to players who switch. New memberships are approx. $85, and renewal is only $75 – Saving approx. $25 at renewal over SGA.

There have been a few issues with the renewal process for Golf NSW this year with members credit card details. I encourage you to update these details on the Golf NSW member portal whenever you get a new credit card – Again please let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to a drier 2023 with more games!