Club Belrose Golf

Where Golf is the Winner



Mona Vale – 21st July

Tee Off : 7.27 am

All people with credit have been registered for this game.

If you cant play it is up to you to advise of this so that you don’t lose your credit

All others please make payment when registering.

Current attendees

Jack Donoghue – Pd

Carl walker – Credit

Cam Walker – Credit

Peter Le Blang – Credit

Matt B – Credit

Col Markley – Credit

Ryan Wrigley – Credit

John Penney – Credit 

Paul Stracey – Credit

Werner Bestchart – Credit

James Macken – Credit

Paul Malek – Credit

Darren Clayton-Ashe – Credit

Daniel Page – Credit

Brendan Ayres – Credit

Mark Kerr – Credit

Nick Biniares – Credit

Steve Joyce – Credit

Mark Gumby – Credit

Adam P – Credit

Rob P – Credit

Mickey G – Credit

Zac Stracey – pay at course

Lennox Whittaker $15 pay at course

Mike Stevens – Pd

Henry Aarden – Pd

Alex Greig – Pd

Alan Wickett – Pd

Martin Alberts – Pd

Josh Stracey – Pay at Course


Memorial Shield – Postponed

Kooindah  Waters – 10th Nov

4 Ball Ambrose drawn teams

If you have any issues trying to login, please click forgot your password and a new one will be emailed to you.

if you don’t know what email address you used then text one of the committee.

Current attendees

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

Group 6

Group 7

Group 8

Future Game credits

Ryan Wrigley – Credit

Bruce Rickard – Credit

Ken Digney – Credit

Gary Bender – Credit

Hayden G – Credit

Payment required at course